I am selling some hand drawn cards at box park in Shoreditch this week! Here are a few of today’s selection. I do commissions and personalised ones too!

Arnie Shwartzen-EGG-er card for easter. Part of the ‘puns that came to my dad in a dream’ series. If you don’t get it straight away then say it out loud.

This week my sisters business The Almond kitchen is back in BOXPARK in Shoreditch for Easter! The food she makes is honestly amazing and I am displaying my bad puns along side it! We are there until Easter Sunday in box 26 11-7 :)

Father Time character design.

Happy Mother’s Day chaps. :) 

Another year, another poster for Gloucestershire Youth players. I used to bound about on the stage/fields with them but am now very happily their artist in residence.

Drawing from the New York High Line.

A doodle from the new york trip…which was freeeeezing but amazing. Doing some computer colouring experiments, not sure but enjoying it anyways.

Poster for Brighton University Drama Socity’s Hamlet. In which I am playing Rosencrants (aka Rosie Pants of Rosie Pants and Guilty Steve). 

I have designed the poster around a Momento Mori theme but also due to our chosen setting I have aimed to emulate 1920’s theatre posters and illustrations (that of Mucha and Jon Austen). There is old Hamlet’s skull on the left and Yorrik on the right surrounded by the apt flowers which Ophelia uses to signify innocence, remembrance, and fidelity. 



Jim, on a friday, would let melanie come out for some air.

Watercolour gifs on Blobthings this week!

Yay we did some more :)

Some chaps in traditional Russian, but rainbow, dress doing a YMCA spelling of the Olypics. What’s happening over there is awful but the athletes and countries making a stand for gay rights are pretty wonderful.

Printing valentines day cards.

Anonymous asked: Hi! I hate to bother but I noticed you were an Illustration student and I was wondering what you included in your portfolio. I want to get a degree in Illustration but i'm unsure of what to expect. Is there any advice you can give to me? Thanks

Hey :).

It’s no bother at all. It’s a difficult bit of time choosing and narrowing down a portfolio, there is no definitive right way of doing it. I found it really hard. It seems good to aim for a range of work that shows technical ability as well as examples of individual interests and ideas. Illustration can become a bit saturated and trend driven so there if often allot of similar applicants, making sure your portfolio displays your individuality and interests as much as possible has become more necessary. I did an art foundation before so had some work from graphic design, printmaking, textiles etc. and chucked a bit of everything in!

At the time we had to do an online portfolio as well as a physical one, my online one still exists on flickr, it’s a wee bit cringey but shows what I used, everyone was very different though. 


Different institutions will be looking for different things, which is a good thing, if you make your work reflect the way you want to work, and your own ideas then right course for you will pick you up. Also don’t worry too much about everything being pristine, I have heard a couple of stories of people getting into universities based on an idea sketch scrawled in the back of a sketchbook, ideas pages and showing your working often pays off. Personal work is always good too because it shows you want to do the work outside of institutions and have more ideas.

Hope this helps and isn’t too much of a ramble! Best of luck with it all! :)


Leslie couldn’t look at you longer than that.

One of my favourites despite the fact it’s a cat with a moustache attempting to be a lion.


A blog of this semesters work. Hopefully an easier way to access the digital work- especially the gifs. All navigation for each project on the left.

This happened, and so did my assessment. I am now free to do what ever art i want for 3 weeks. I feel like skipping through a field. (click on link above to see the collection of last terms work)