1. Me in me show space at Brighton Show at the OXO Tower: Barge House, South Bank London. It’s the final day of our show tomorrow. You should pop along! 4 floors of top notch graphic design and illustration goodness and a wee shop too.

  2. brighton-show:

    This Thursday. You should all come.

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    This Thursday!! 

    Be there.

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  4. blobthings:

    Eddie managed to maintain balance despite the fact Jeremy had eaten his arms.

    Blob things return again.

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    O N E  W E E K  T O  G O

    online catalogue



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  6. I have reached 1000 followers! In gratitude here is a big fan fan queue.

  7. So alongside all this drawing malarkey I am co-owner of The Almond Kitchen and Studio and have spent this summer cooking up and selling lots of confectionary wonders with my sister.  These are some sneaky people watching drawings from selling our brownies on Chatsworth road market. It’s been a nice day.

  8. brighton-show:

    You’ve probably seen that we’ve been campaigning to raise funds through Kickstarter for Brighton Show and are perhaps wondering why we’ve left it so late to get that amount of money through donations.

    Thing is, we’ve actually been fundraising hard for the show for three years – most of it by each paying into a group account every time our student loans came in, so three times a year for three years.

    We’ve also raised a big chunk by having fun. We’ve done at least (it’s hard to remember exactly how many! ) six fundraiser nights at clubs around Brighton under the name Party & Bullshit, where we danced terribly to old school Hip Hop and whatever other stuff we felt like shoving on the playlist after a few beers. 

    We did cake sales too. Our designers tended to make perfect beautiful, neat cakes and the illustrators baked things that were a bit more weird and wonderful (as well as the dog cakes you see above, we had gold-leaf brownies, chill oil cookies, beetroot cake and loads of sticky sugary things that couldn’t be named but tasted incredible).

    That gave us a lot of money – we’ve paid for our venue already and have a large chunk left for other expenses. However, that remainder still isn’t quite enough to safely guarantee us all the things we need to do at our show. The venue cost no more than the other available degree show venues we researched, our plans for curation and the exhibition catalogue are well-designed but fairly simple and modest, we’re borrowing a lot of equipment and are getting sponsorships and discounts on as many things as we can, so we’re hardly being extravagant – it’s just that degree shows are very very expensive.

    We’d be really grateful if you could take a look at our Kickstarter and help us reach our funding goal.


    You can support us by giving anything over £1, but we’ve come up with some wonderful, often personalised incentives for any donations over £5. We realise not everyone can give money, so we’d love you to spread word about the show and share the Kickstarter link if you’re broke but still want to help us out.

    We really appreciate the amazing support we’ve had so far, just need an extra push so we know we can put on a good show.

    Thank you!

    The Brighton Show crew.

  9. Last month I made a Birthday Morrissey Muppet style Puppet for my friend, complete with flowers to swing and beads round his neck, I had to cut an elvis wig into the apt mozza shape, but watching it dance to ‘This Charming Man’ was certainly worth it!

    If you would like a bespoke puppet and would also like to donate money towards my degree show on London’s South Bank then there is a way! 


    Check out all of the other amazing rewards too! I am also offering cock rings and cock magnets for a smaller donation! har har.

  10. disawallander:


    A few of the Blob Things got together and made some sounds. 

    Blobthings in FILM format! Listen to some beautiful noises yeah.


  11. brightonshow:

    Who’s going to ELCAF on Saturday? 

    Brighton Show–ers, Disa Wallander and Catherine Faulkner will be there, selling a book of their marvellous Blob Things in addition to a couple of other things.

    Disa has a comics collection published by Jazz Dad Books on sale, as well as a self-published limited edition book and accompanying DVD film. The film’s soundtrack will have you singing: 


    …for weeks after you watch it. But it’s worth it. Buy it.

    YAY going to elcaf with Disa :) 

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  12. It’s not what you look at it’s what you see.

    Now with sounds.

    Part of my space at the degree show at the University of Brighton. 


    Come see our work.

  13. My favourite building in Heidelberg.

    A sketch from a rather cracking weekend in Germany.

  14. If in doubt just paint a bird.

  15. I did a book about how I feel very funny about drawing ”illustratory-y things”, in which I allowed myself to draw many of the cleches and tropes. I really loved painting the bears and foxes and triangles etc, but then the art school part of my brain was rolling it’s eyes and tutting. Slight conflict going on.